Annie’s Crochet Afghan

I’m going to start off by being honest: I stole the idea for this page from Crochet With Passion. I just wanted a place to organize all my thoughts and reviews of the Annie’s Kit Club I subscribed to: Annie’s Crochet Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club.

Photo shamelessly stolen from

I have seen a lot of mixed reviews (mostly Facebook comments) regarding this club. Most of the complaints seem to be regarding the lag time between the credit card charge and the arrival of the associated kit. My plan is to be very transparent about the timing and my thoughts about this kit club.

As of my initial subscription to this club, I am not a crocheter. I understand the basic concepts, but all I’ve really done is one fat little Yoda amigurumi from a Star Wars Crochet kit. I can do better.

The thing I really love about Pamela’s blog over at Crochet With Passion, is that she has been teaching crochet for over 20 years and can do reviews from what I would consider an expert’s point-of-view. I feel like I can trust her. Since she was subscribed to this, and after reading some of her reviews, I decided I should give this a shot.

Below is a timeline of events and links to my thoughts and reviews, from a beginner’s perspective, on each of the kits.

I should probably also note that I am in no way affiliated with Annie’s Kit Clubs and am not receiving any compensation for this. I’m paying the same amount as anyone else to participate (which is also one of the complaints I’ve seen – the cost).

Timeline and links:

11/11/2018 – Subscribed to Annie’s Crochet Afghan Block-of-the-Month Club and received email confirmation stating that my credit card would be charged and I should be receiving my first kit in 3-4 weeks. One big complaint that I have seen is the wait time between kits. I have a whole bunch of knitting projects in the works right now, and as excited as I am for this subscription, I’m not in desperate need for these to arrive. If I was, I would have chosen something else to do. Like bought a pattern for another afghan and bought all the materials up front. Also, I don’t know how many people work for Annie’s. I’d be willing to bet that they have a handful of people putting these kits together by hand. There’s a lot of kits to choose from and probably tons of people subscribing. I will be patient. For now…

At this time, I also Liked the Annie’s Facebook page and made a comment stating that I was looking forward to getting my first kit and learning to crochet.

11/12/2018 – Credit card charged $15.94 for Kit 1. Annie’s also liked my Facebook post and commented back that they hope I have fun making the blocks and creating a beautiful afghan. I hope so too!

11/23/2018 – Kit 1 shipped

11/24/2018Kit 1 received

12/16/2018 – Credit card charged $25.94 for Kit 2.

12/24/2018 – Kit 2 shipped

1/2/2019Kit 2 received

1/13/2019 – Credit card charged $27.76 for Kit 3.

1/21/2019 – Kit 3 shipped

1/26/2019Kit 3 received (Well, actually the USPS delivered it to the wrong address. Luckily I have good neighbors and I actually got it on 1/30/2019.)

2/9/2019 – Credit card charged $27.63 for Kit 4.

2/19/2019 – Kit 4 shipped

2/25/2019Kit 4 received

3/10/2019 – Credit card charged $28.22 for Kit 5.

3/18/2019 – Kit 5 shipped

3/25/2019Kit 5 received

4/7/2019 – Credit card charged $28.25 for Kit 6.

4/16/2019 – Kit 6 shipped

4/22/2019Kit 6 received

5/5/2019 – Credit card charged $28.25 for Kit 7.

5/14/2019 – Kit 7 shipped

5/20/2019Kit 7 received

6/2/2019 – Credit card charged $28.25 for Kit 8.

6/11/2019 – Kit 8 shipped

6/18/2019Kit 8 received

6/30/2019 – Credit card charged $28.25 for Kit 9.

7/10/2019 – Kit 9 shipped

7/15/2019 – Kit 9 received

7/27/2019 – Credit card charged $28.25 for Kit 10.

8/5/2019 – Kit 10 shipped

8/10/2019 – Kit 10 received

8/25/2019 – Credit card charged $28.25 for Kit 11.

9/4/2019 – Kit 11 shipped

9/10/2019 – Kit 11 received

Running Cost: $294.99

4 thoughts on “Annie’s Crochet Afghan

  1. Does it actually teach you to crochet though if you’ve never crocheted before? I’m an experienced knitter but want to learn to crotchet too.


    1. Yep, it sure does! Before I started, I knew very little about crochet, but I was an intermediate knitter. The videos sometimes go too quick and I’d have to rewind and watch a part over and over. What’s nice too is that they’ll go through several rows in a lot of cases to help you out. Again, she tends to go pretty fast. But after a while, you start to pick things up. There were some videos I didn’t even watch. I just read the pattern and whipped out a block. At some point I’ll finally get around to posting pictures of my finished afghan and do an overall review. I was nervous how it’d turn out but am really happy with the result!


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