About Me

Well, hello there! My name is Casey and I am a guy with yarn.

My journey in the fiber arts started with my wife’s grandma. She did it all – knitting, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, stained glass, pottery, and much more. When I saw some of the needlepoint work she had done, I thought it looked like something I could do. So I got myself a Dimensions needlepoint kit and went to work. By the time I had finished the piece (“All Burned Out” by Charles Wysocki), I realized that I had been counting my stitches based on the picture on the front. That’s when I decided to try my hand at counted cross-stitch. And I fell in love.

At some point or another, someone gave me a Star Wars Crochet kit. Late in 2017 (or maybe early 2018), I finally opened it up and started learning to crochet. I didn’t realize at the time that learning to crochet through amigurumi would be like learning to weld by building a car. It was then I decided I should probably learn to knit.

Around Christmastime 2017, my wife was starting a big garter stitch blanket. I asked if she would teach me to knit, which she graciously did. So I started building my very own gigantic (queen-size) blanket. With no pattern. Tip of the day: when you’re starting to knit, learn to read patterns and use a pattern. Additional tip, free of charge: knitting grows. Whatever you cast on, will likely end up wider than you think. Like, by a bunch.

Then, my knitting took off. While still in the middle of the blanket, I started making hats, a cardigan, a shawl… couldn’t get enough.

I will knit pretty much anywhere. I bring some project or another with me almost everywhere. Sometimes I bring multiple projects, just to keep things interesting. I’m not ashamed to knit in public. Not really sure what there would be to be ashamed of anyway. But I guess it’s a thing. I get looks and comments, but I don’t really care. I’ll talk about it. I’m not good with tools; not really into cars; I’ll watch sports, but I’m only a fair-weather fan of my home teams; basically, I don’t to a ton of stuff most “guys” do.

I’m hoping to use this blog as a place to track my progress on my projects and leave any tips I find along the way. My intention is not to make money at this. If for some reason I ever get anything for a post or link or whatever, I’ll be transparent about it. But I doubt that will really be a thing for me.

I live in the Inland Northwest with my wife and cats. Other things I enjoy are Star Trek, music (playing guitar, singing, recording covers that no one will probably ever hear), geocaching, reading, and being a homebody.