My first hat! Well, four hats (or how to accidentally knit a Santa hat)

My completed Red Heart Game Day Knit Hat

Back in late 2017 when I began learning to knit, I had no idea that I would fully embrace it and continue learning new stitches and techniques so quickly. When deciding on what project I wanted to tackle after (well, during) the building of my huge garter-stitch blanket (a post and pictures of the impending completion of that blanket is coming soon), I happened across a YouTube video from B.Hooked showing how to make the Red Heart Game Day Knit Hat. She went through the entire process, from the long-tail cast on, to knits and purls, decreases, color changes, and making a great pom. After watching the video, it seemed like an easy enough pattern to follow so I moseyed on over to the Red Heart website and downloaded the pattern.

Me and my Game Day Knit Hat

I ordered a new ChiaoGoo circular needle (I’m just name-dropping everywhere) and bought all my yarn and was ready to go! I made the hat with a base of black, with red and white stripes, these being the school colors of my wife’s and my alma mater and her current employer. I made sure to get enough yarn to make two hats – one for each of us. This consisted of two skeins of black, and one each of red and white.

The hats turned out spectacularly and are incredibly comfortable. There was only one problem: since the red and white skeins were only needed for a few stripes, I had a bunch left. Then I made the mistake of joking to my wife that I could make Santa hats with the remaining yarn. She liked that idea. A lot.

So I casted on a third time, this time in white. And thus I became an accidental designer. Well, adapter really. I didn’t really do enough to be called a designer. But I’d like to share how I adapted this hat into the perfect Santa hat!

Two finished Santa hats

Basically, it is the same exact pattern as the Game Day hat. I won’t really go into detail on that one since Brittany over at B.Hooked did a much better job than I ever could.

The main difference is, obviously, the color pattern. I cast on with white and knitted in pattern until the work measured roughly 4-4.25″ from cast on edge for the large size hat (for small size, I’d guess about 3.5″ from cast on edge). Then, I changed to red and continued to finish the pattern. Lastly, a white pom is all it took to make this great Santa hat!

Ready for Christmas!

I will admit, I had a bit of “sock syndrome” when it came to making the second Santa hat – the fourth in this pattern for me. But it works up fairly quickly, so a little bit of knitting time in Maui (yes, I finished my last Santa hat in Maui) and I had a total of four hats under my belt.

It’s funny. I have no desire to be a designer. I leave that to people who have a passion for that. I just love making things that I can see a picture of before I do it and following a good, well-written pattern. And this hat was a great start for me! Little did I know is that all it took was a little creativity and ingenuity to make a pattern my own. I still enjoy following patterns and usually like using the colors the creator suggests. But already, early on in my life of yarn, I’m feeling more comfortable to get creative and take risks! 

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